Administrative Resources

Centralized program coordination is an integral part of an effective changeout, and the plan for your campaign should include sufficient staffing, office space and other resources to ensure a smooth operation.  Ideally, there should be one individual in the agency administering the program who serves as the day-to-day coordinator, and that person should have sufficient administrative and management support.  Below are some of the administrative functions that are part of a wood stove changeout:

  • Recruit and orient manufacturers, retailers, regional HPBA affiliates, installers and recyclers. HPBA can either help, or even take the lead.
  • Coordinate with elected officials, community leaders and other campaign partners involved in the program.
  • Respond to inquiries from consumers and staff the hotline.
  • Oversee and conduct various elements of public awareness campaign
  • Arrange and run meetings of campaign partners.
  • Setup and manage the paperwork for tracking/recording changeouts.
  • Conduct any necessary data collection and reporting for program financers and regulators.  

The key to effectively managing your program is to have designated staff and an administrative structure in place BEFORE the changeout is underway to avoid missteps and frustrations.

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