Adequate Funding

Clearly, identifying funding must be a top priority from the start to cover program administration and costs associated with stove purchases, installations and disposal.  The Success Stories section of this tool kit offers several examples of various funding sources found by other communities.  

There are a variety of potential funding sources available at the local, state and federal level, but finding them can involve some detective work.  Local and state air quality offices and health departments are often good places to start, because their staffs are often familiar with grant programs designed to improve public health, reduce pollution and help the community meet air quality attainment standards.  Securing grant money for your program is likely to require submitting an application, which may involve a fair amount of research, writing and due diligence to establish the legitimacy of your proposed program.  

On the federal level, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  has provided the bulk of grants to fund changeouts thus far.  Your EPA regional office is one starting point to find out if they have previously funded any similar programs in your area.  The EPA web site on wood stove changeouts also offers updates on potential funding opportunities.  You may also find EPA funding through Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP), when a violator of an EPA regulation voluntarily agrees to provide funds for environmentally beneficial projects such as changeouts as part of their settlement.  SEPs can be administered by EPA or at the state level.  Contact your local, state and federal environmental government officials to see if SEP funds might be available.  

Also on the federal level, some changeouts have received funds through congressional earmarks, where the local member of the Senate or House of Representatives is able to have funding for the project written into legislation.  Although arranging an earmark is a tall order, it has been done, and it never hurts to ask if you have contact with the staff in the district or state office.

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